Naturopathic integrative cancer plays an important role in supporting and optimizing a patient’s health from cancer diagnosis through survivorship with effective, natural treatments.  When these are combined with conventional therapies they give patients the most effective treatment.

Naturopathic integrative cancer treatment is whole-person, patient-oriented care.  Dr. McMurry, a specialist in naturopathic integrative cancer treatment, is dedicated to collaborating with conventional cancer treatment providers.  This gives cancer patients a holistic approach to their health, promoting optimal health and well-being: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Natural therapies that are incorporated in naturopathic integrative cancer treatment are non-invasive and include botanical medicine, physical medicine, clinical nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

Naturopathic integrative cancer treatment provides patients with safe options for combining conventional cancer treatment with natural and supportive therapies.  Dr. McMurry collaborates with your conventional cancer treatment providers at all stages of care:

  • At the time of diagnosis, to prepare the patient for what lies ahead.
  • During active treatment: to reduce side effects and potentially improve response to conventional care.
  • Post-treatment: to help with recovery and support prevention of recurrent with healthy lifestyle education.

Dr. McMurry works in collaboration with your cancer treatment team to ensure a collaborative approach to your healthcare, offering safe, evidence-informed guidance for patients and their conventional providers about options for natural and supportive care.

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