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Naturopathic medicine works to put all the pieces of your health together, while utilizing a variety of treatment approaches.  Naturopathic doctors are medically licensed primary care doctors. While we are able to diagnose and treat with prescription medications, the main goal is to treat the root of the problem rather than only band-aid the symptoms.

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She was very attentive and explained the process for my treatment in a way that I could understand. Furthermore she gave me several different treatment options and gave specific reasons as to why she believed one in particular was the best.

— Jeffrey, on Healthgrades

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Natural Treatments for Chemo Brain Fog

Natural Treatments for Chemo Brain Fog

"Symptoms of chemo brain can fade after chemotherapy ends, but each patient is different. Some may take a year or more after treatment to feel normal again; others may never regain full mental ability." - source: You may have heard it called chemo...

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