Naturopathic Oncology for Every Stage of Treatment and Recovery

Naturopathic doctors specializing in integrative oncology prescribe natural treatments that are evidence-informed to be the most effective and safe when combined with conventional treatment. Prescribed natural treatments play an integral role in supporting patients from diagnosis through survivorship.

Before Treatment

The natural treatments prescribed prior to treatment can help with boosting immunity, detoxifying the body, preventing and treating non-cancer related health issues and preparing the body for treatment – if that is an option.

During Treatment

During treatment natural treatments are integrated to reduce side effects, increase the effectiveness of treatment, speed recovery, improve quality of life and promote healthy blood cell counts, which can often be affected during certain treatments.

Post Treatment

Following treatment, natural treatments prevent delayed side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, enhance whole body detoxification, promote immunity and cancer fighting ability, address any non cancer health related concerns, prevent cancer recurrence and educate for a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t Just Survive, Come Out the Other Side Healthy As Possible

Dr. Suzanne McMurry is at your side providing natural treatment options, helping improve immune health, reducing side-effects, and helping you understand your health and treatment at every step.