Prior to Cancer Treatment: What to Expect

While patients are waiting for a diagnosis there can be a million questions running through their head.  Whether it be trying to understand what is going on, trying to figure out what are the best treatment options and/or trying to determine whether to integrate naturopathic treatments into their conventional cancer care.  

Dr. McMurry addresses all of these questions with her patients, and much more!  

She helps her patients understand their cancer so they can feel empowered to take charge and determine the most effective treatments to help them defeat it.  

She educates her patients on how to integrate natural treatments into their conventional care and addresses supplements that they’re already taking and modifies them (if needed) to optimize their health and immunity.  

And she collaborates with her patients medical providers, reviews her patients labs and medical reports to ensure all of the gaps in medical care are filled in and addressed. 

If labs need to be ordered, she can do so (if the patient is in Washington state), if prescription medicine needs to be prescribed Dr. McMurry can do that as well.  However she works with her patients to address any underlying health concerns naturally first, such as stabilizing blood sugar in diabetes, addressing bone health in osteoporosis, lowering cholesterol in heart disease or increasing immunity with vitamin D levels.

Understanding What is Happening in Your Body

Prior to treatment you may already be experiencing some symptoms from the cancer itself.  Whether it be obstruction to your digestive tract that can lead to abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn, or difficulty urinating and/or having a bowel movement.  

You may be experiencing systemic symptoms such as a loss in energy, appetite or weight loss.  Not to mention the stress and anxiety that is amplified throughout the diagnosis process.

Dr. McMurry spends a large part of her time with patients helping them to understand what is going on with their body, how their specific cancer works, what feeds it, such as hormones in prostate, breast, ovarian and uterine cancers, and what are the environmental, lifestyle, dietary and genetic contributors that need to be addressed to reduce the severity of your symptoms and help your body fight against the cancer.  

Preparing Your Body for Treatment

We will spend time discussing how to prepare your body for your upcoming treatment, if that’s the next step.  

By improving your avenues of elimination and detoxification, enhancing energy, sleep and relieving anxiety through lifestyle means such as meditation and exercise prior to treatment, you will have less side effects and a better quality of life during and after treatment.

Dr. McMurry will also help you navigate and determine how to incorporate additional complementary therapies such as IV nutrient therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  While Dr. McMurry doesn’t provide this in office to her patients, she will collaborate with those providers who do to ensure her patients receive the best overall healthcare.

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I always feel very well taken care of by Dr. McMurry. She is very knowledgeable and always has new ideas and very practical remedy’s to meet my constantly changing situation. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone, needing help and guidance on their journey to recovery!

— Matt, on Healthgrades

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