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Dr. McMurry sends all her supplement prescriptions through Fullscript. All prescriptions are 20% off MRSP to enable patients to purchase the highest quality supplements at an affordable price.

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Dr. McMurry gives genuine compassionate care. She truly treats the whole person, and takes time to understand patient needs and concerns. I would feel confident and comfortable seeing her again for any medical issues.

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Constipation Remedies

Constipation Remedies

Do you have hard stools? Less than 3 bowel movements per week? Strain to go? Sense of incomplete evacuation? Excessive amount of time spent on the toilet?

Occasional constipation is very common, however chronic constipation, which is incredibly common in the cancer community, can interfere with performing your daily tasks and cause excessive strain and pain when going to the bathroom. Read about natural remedies for constipation.

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Weight Loss in Cancer: The Best Supportive Care

Weight Loss in Cancer: The Best Supportive Care

Cancer related metabolic changes are considered a primary driving force behind decreases in appetite, weight, muscle, and energy. To avoid delays in conventional treatment due to these symptoms it is imperative to develop an preventative treatment plan.

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