Following Cancer Treatment: What to Expect

It was a long road to get to survivorship, and no doubt you’re probably still feeling the effects from your cancer treatment.  

It may be emotional with anxiety or depression taking the forefront, it may be physical with chemo brain, fatigue, weakness or weight loss occurring; it may be environmental with the stressors of what is going on in your own immediate family or the world causing you to feel at a loss.  Understandably, survivorship in its own rite can be overwhelming.  

The unknowns of how to stay healthy and cancer-free, how to treat the side effects from treatment that you’re still feeling, how to feel “normal” again.  Those are all valid thoughts and stressors.  

Dr. McMurry will help guide you into and through survivorship.

Dr. McMurry collaborates with her patients to enhance overall healing following conventional treatment from surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation.  

Whether it be setting up a detoxing routine from chemotherapy that includes herbal teas, sauna treatments, exercise and/or epsom salts baths.  Or addressing the health of organs and tissue that may have been affected from radiation, such as lung and thyroid tissue in breast cancer treatment.  

She will help you determine what treatments can help to prevent delayed side-effects from treatment such as chemo brain or brain fog, brittle nails and skin health, low libido and how to optimize energy and restore a healthy dietary regimen that includes a plant-based mediteranean diet.  

She addresses the mental stressors of having a cancer diagnosis, undergoing treatment and now in the stages of “what to do now” now that all that’s over.  And what evidence based treatments have shown to reduce recurrence of cancer.

Bone health and strength is integral to optimizing the quality of life of her patients.  

She addresses how to optimize dietary intake of calcium and essential minerals and vitamins, increase weight bearing exercises and ensures proper testing is performed either ordered by herself or her patients primary care doctor, such as a DEXA scan, to achieve a baseline of bone health.  

If diet and lifestyle isn’t enough, she helps her patients achieve optimal bone health through supplementation of essential nutrients to strengthen and reverse osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Labs values will also be addressed and followed to provide nutritional supplementation when needed such as with anemia, vitamin D deficiency, or if kidney or liver health has been compromised through treatment.

Dr. McMurry’s goal with her patients is to ensure they have the best quality of life following treatment, they feel supported and empowered to take charge of their health mentally, physically and spiritually and they understand how to do so.

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What a novel approach to cancer care! Finally someone to work with you to not only improve your outcome, but help with side effects also…thank you for creating this.

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