Dr. Suzanne McMurry is a Naturopathic Oncology Specialist. Her appointments are conveniently conducted virtually through your phone, tablet or computer before, during and/or after cancer treatment, for cancer prevention, survivorship care and general health. Book your appointment today!

Naturopathic Cancer Appointments Anywhere You are.

Start feeling better, sooner.

Naturopathic integrative oncology is not alternative medicine, rather it combines evidence based natural medicine with standard cancer care giving you the MOST effective cancer fighting treatment.

The goal of your cancer treatment should not be only to remove the cancer but ALSO strengthen your body to FIGHT against cancer.

telemedicine appointment

Telemedicine - your integrative oncology appointment is conveniently conducted over video chat.

Visit with Dr. McMurry within the privacy of your home or work: No traffic, waiting rooms or even leaving your sofa. All you need is a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Dr. McMurry was one of the few chosen Naturopathic doctors who completed an accredited hospital-based integrative oncology residency.

“I want my patients to feel empowered with naturopathic treatment options that are proven effective cancer fighting solutions that support their body as they go through cancer treatment.

Patient centered, holistic, collaborative medical care.

Integrative Oncology:


Naturopathic Oncologist

Dr. McMurry provides support for side effects, common symptoms and chronic conditions you can experience during cancer treatment.