What to Expect

Dr. McMurry’s approach to your health is thorough, comprehensive and holistic.

Naturopathic medicine works to put all the pieces of your health together, while utilizing a variety of treatment approaches. Naturopathic doctors are medically licensed primary care doctors, while we are able to diagnose and treat with prescription medications, the main goal is to find the cause of your dis-ease and treat from the root rather then only band-aid the symptoms.

Online Appointments

All appointments are conducted by Dr. McMurry through a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, utilizing the camera on your phone or computer. When you schedule your appointment you will be prompted to fill out a health questionnaire detailing your

  • cancer diagnosis

  • treatment regimen

  • general health background

  • and any additional medical concerns.

A typical video appointment will last 30 minutes, however based on your questions and concerns it may run longer or shorter in duration.

Telemedicine appointments can be performed through your computer, tablet or phone. Prior to your appointment ensure you have a strong WiFi connection and the latest download of Chrome, Firefox or Explorer.

After you have become an established patient of Dr. McMurry’s you’ll have access to a HIPAA secure patient portal through CharmPHR. Through there you can message Dr. McMurry confidentially about health related concerns. If the concern requires an in depth discussion she may request that you schedule a follow-up appointment.

Initial Appointment

Your first visit will consist of a thorough review of your medical history.

Time will be devoted to understanding your current cancer diagnosis, all past and present treatments and any current symptoms related to cancer, cancer treatment or other causes. You should anticipate an in-depth discussion regarding nutrition, a review of your current medications and supplements and analysis of recent laboratory and imaging studies, if available.

At the conclusion of your initial visit, an electronic copy of your individualized treatment plan will be available on your patient portal at CharmPHR and will be attached to your Fullscript prescription (if prescription supplements are indicated). The treatment plan may include:

  • nutritional recommendations

  • dietary recommendations

  • detailed instructions for starting or stopping any dietary supplements

  • suggested resources to provide you with additional information regarding your treatment

Additionally, depending on where you are located, diagnostic laboratory work may be ordered so as to provide a better understanding of any underlying physiological dysfunction.

Follow-up Appointment

Your follow-up visit(s) will consist of a thorough review of your previously recommended treatments. We will also address health related questions that have arisen since our last discussion.

At the conclusion of your follow-up visit, you will be sent an electronic copy of your individualized treatment plan through the patient portal at CharmPHR as well as your Fullscript prescription (if supplements are indicated), potentially including new recommendations of:

  • nutritional modifications

  • dietary recommendations

  • additional handouts with detailed information based on diet, lifestyle, etc modifications

  • detailed modifications associated with previous recommendations

  • laboratory testings if indicated.

Insurance coverage

Payment is required at the time of appointment and will be billed once the appointment has been completed. You will need at credit card, debit, HSA/FSA card to secure your appointment slot.

You can request an insurance claim to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. The cost of your appointment is maintained at an affordable rate due to the cost saving benefits of telemedicine. Please know that although the cost of an appointment with Dr. McMurry is considerably lower then other specialists, quality of care is NEVER compromised. Dr. McMurry strives to keep your healthcare affordable.