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Integrative Cancer Resources

What is the role of Integrative Oncology in Cancer Care?

Integrative oncology provides safe, natural solutions for patients that can be combined with their conventional cancer care, yielding the most effective cancer treatment. Read more by clicking the picture.

Integrative Oncology in Cancer Care Handout

Integrative Oncology in Cancer Care Handout

Recommended Naturopathic Oncology Books for Patients


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 Breast Cancer

Breast cancer natural treatments and integrative resources.

Breast cancer natural treatments and integrative resources.


Breast Surgery Support

Bra options following breast cancer surgery:

What are the advantages of having a breast prosthesis?

Wearing a breast prosthesis is a personal choice. Many women want to wear one because they want to wear the same clothing that they wore prior to the surgery and they want to look symmetrical. There are other advantages to having a breast prosthesis.

  • Gives you warmth

  • Protects your chest and scars

  • Helps balance your posture

  • Keeps your bra from shifting or riding up

  • Helps prevent problems with curvature of the spine, shoulder drop, and muscular pain in the neck and back

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Shine at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

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